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Challenge Assumptions, Unleash Potential.

The MO Summit 2020 explores the theme Challenge Assumptions, Unleash Potential. As leaders of our organizations, we look for ways to transform ourselves, our companies, and our world into the change we seek. This is hard work. Old ways of thinking about ourselves, our employees, our company, and our industry can impede progress. Whether the limitations and assumptions are with our view of leadership style, business, success, gender, ethnicity, impact, or worldview, they can hold us back from true transformation.

At the MO Summit 2020, we will dive into the discovery of our assumptions that stunt our personal and professional growth and the transformation that awaits when the aperture of our consciousness expands.

We hope you will embark with us on this exciting journey!

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Good Money, CEO
Gunnar Lovelace

Growing up poor with a single mom as Latino immigrants left Lovelace with a burning desire to create wealth and do good.  As a result, he is a 5X serial entrepreneur and investor focused on social impact at scale (people, planet + profit). His most recent company Good Money, is a conscious mobile banking platform that is democratizing ownership to all customers for the first time in history. He is also the Founder of Thrive Market, which offers organic groceries online at wholesale prices. Prior to Thrive Market, he started and sold two technology companies (Ego X & Cognition) and is a cofounder of two successful conscious consumer brands (Love Heals & Goddess Delivers). Lovelace recently co-founded Alliance for Good  as a community of influencers working together to create a thriving future for humanity and the planet.

Vital Farms, CEO
Matt O'Hayer

In 2007, Matt O’Hayer began Vital Farms with his wife Catherine Stewart and 20 Rhode Island Reds. His mission? To prove that it is possible to produce the highest quality food in an environmentally-responsible manner from humanely treated animals on a commercial scale. Now a certified B Corp, the company who created the “pasture raised egg” market is truly at scale. Vital Farms was listed as the fastest growing food and beverage company in the US.  In addition to being a EY Entrepreneur of the year in 2018, Matt was recognized by Forbes as one of the top businesses in the US. 

Come hear Matt’s amazing story he will be sharing at the MO.

Torani, CEO
Melanie Dulbecco

Melanie is part of a small group of CEOs who have led a company from $1M to $200M in sales. What it takes to get a company to $5M is different than what it takes to get to $50M and what it takes to get to $100M. Typically, there is a different CEO required for each phase. Melanie’s leadership style has enabled Torani to remake itself as an organization at each stage. 

Melanie will be sharing her wisdom and passion for her team and their deeply held core purpose is “Flavor for all, Opportunity for all” and is built on the belief that everything starts with people, that businesses can and should create more opportunities for their employees and the communities in which they operate. 

For the past 28 years, Melanie Dulbecco has been living out these values as CEO of the family-owned B Corp and has led the company in double digit annual growth. Regularly appearing on lists like San Francisco Business Times’ Most Admired CEOs and Biz Journals’ Most Influential Women in Bay Area Business, Melanie also sits on the board of Traditional Medicinals and the non-profit, SHE-CAN.

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Miyoko Schinner

Miyoko’s Kitchen
CEO & Founder

Mark A. Wilson

Chime Solutions
President & CEO

Rick Perez

Avangard Innovative
Founder & CEO

David Kahl

Founder & CEO

Catha Groot

Radicle Impact Partners

Peter van Stolk

Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery

Meghan Higney

True Botanicals

John Replogle

One Better Ventures
Founding Partner

Daniel Nicholson


Ali Cooley

Greenworks Lending
COO & Co-Founder

Blair Kellison

Traditional Medicinals

Annie Ryu

The Jackfruit Company
CEO & Founder

Caroline Bushnell

The Good Food Institute
Associate Director, Corporate Engagement

Kiran Bhatraju

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