April 19 - 20, 2022

Portland, OR

The Nines Hotel

2022 Theme

Regenerate! | Breaking Down to Break Through

Leaders around the globe recognize that humanity is living the Age of Consequence. We are witnessing both break downs and breath throughs – collapsing systems that we have come to rely on and simultaneously revolutionizing innovations that point to a sustainable future. Consequential leaders are unafraid to let one thing collapse as they build the rules for a new era.

At MO 2022, leading impact CEOs will engage, learn, and forge a new path on critically important topics. The Summit will include a combination of core panel topics and deep networking. Come be part of how businesses are redefining capitalism creating solutions to the world’s pressing social and environmental issues creating enduring value through strategies that leverage the inherent link between natural, social, and financial capital.

Summary Agenda

April 19, 2022

  • Lunch:  Summit Kick off
  • Afternoon:  Keynotes, panels, and breakouts
  • Evening: MO Ranking Awards Celebration Recognizing the Top 100 Impact CEOs

April 20, 2022

  • Morning:  Keynotes, panels, and breakouts
  • Early Afternoon: Summit Conclusion

Panels to Include:

  • Breaking Down to Break Through – What Needs To Die & What Needs to be Birthed
  • The Regenerative Company: The Required OS for the Future
  • Ugly Ducklings Transforming into Green Swans – Our Future Depends It
  • Culture – The Foundation of the Living Company
  • Save Capitalism from the Capitalists
  • How Impact Companies Can Be Anti-Racist

2022 Speakers

Melanie Dulbecco

CEO, Torani

Blair Kellison

CEO, Traditional Medicinals

Greg Shell

Managing Director, Bain Double Impact

Simon Mainwaring

CEO, We First

Joe Kenner

CEO, Greyston

Steven Dyme

CEO, Flowers for Dreams

Arnaud Lacourt

Co-Founder & CEO, Ubees

Jeanne David

CEO, Outer Aisle Gourmet

Shadi Bakour

CEO, Pathwater